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If there's one hard economic truth, it's this: monopolies lead to higher prices. And, they give inordinate power to the owner of the monopoly.
Right now, 97 percent of the fuel used in U.S. transportation is petroleum based. That means oil has a monopoly, and we as consumers have no choice.
The Set America Free Coalition's mission is to change that, by giving us choice and breaking the oil monopoly. We have three major goals:
  1. Educate people about the danger of the U.S. dependence on foreign oil and the need for fuel choice;
  2. Increase public demand for and use of flexible fuel vehicles and plug-in hybrids;
  3. Support policy solutions that increase fuel choice.

Ultimately, the best way for us to collapse the price of oil is to create competition at the pump. For only $100 per car, automakers can build a flexible fuel engine in every car they sell – which will give every consumer a choice in fuels. An Open Fuel Standard, requiring that every new car sold in the United States be a flexible fuel vehicle, would break oil's transportation fuel monopoly.

The Set America Free coalition brings together prominent individuals and non-profit organizations from across the political spectrum. Concerned about the security and economic implications of America's growing dependence on foreign oil, members include security experts, environmental leaders, former prisoners of war, 9-11 families, business and religious leaders. While each member's individual ideology may differ—one thing unites us: the belief that fuel choice in the transportation sector can strip oil of its strategic value, deny our adversaries the wherewithal they use to harm us, and help protect our quality of life and economy against the effects of cuts in foreign energy supplies and rising costs of oil.

The only way we can ensure our national safety and our economic security is to break the monopoly of oil in the transportation sector. Our entire way of life depends on it.

Set America Free promotes a Blueprint for Energy Security, which spells out practical ways in which real progress toward energy security and fuel choice can be made over the next several years. Click to read our Open Letter to the American People.

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