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May 30, 2006 Update to friends

Marine saluting flag Dependence Day
Tomorrow, May 31, 2006, Environmental Action, the Set America Free Coalition and more than a dozen groups across the country will for the first time mark Dependence Day, the day when, proportionately speaking, the United States effectively runs out of domestic oil and must rely completely on foreign imports for the remainder of the year. Since the United States is projected to import 59 percent of its oil this year, Dependence Day will occur on May 31. From that day forward, every time we fill up our cars and trucks, we'll be sending our money directly overseas. In 2006, Americans will spend nearly $250 billion funding foreign governments, among them some anti-democratic and anti-American regimes. That's nearly $450,000 every minute. Thirty years ago Dependence Day would have been marked in October, but with our projected growth in oil demand, if we do nothing, in twenty years, Dependence Day will be as early as April, leaving Americans dependent on foreign oil for eight months of the year.

From this year onward, a growing coalition of security experts, environmentalists, farmers, consumers and students will hold events across the country to mark Dependence Day. This year we are calling on members of Congress to pass the Senate bill the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act (S.2025) and the companion bill in the House (HR.4409), which would reduce our dependence on oil by 40 percent within 25 years -- four times as much as we currently import from the Persian Gulf. Support SAF

Yesterday America marked Memorial Day in which we bowed our heads in memory of our fallen heroes. Today, in the midst of a war against radical Islam, our petrodollars our funding the other side. Dependence Day stands to remind us that only by reducing our dependence on foreign oil can we prevail in the long war for the free world.

Are your Representatives on board?
Please call, fax, or email your representatives in the House and Senate and ask them to cosponsor the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act (S.2025 in the Senate and HR.4409 in the House). Click here for a Congressional directory.

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THE SET AMERICA FREE COALITION brings together prominent individuals and non-profit organizations concerned about the security and economic implications of America's growing dependence on foreign oil. The coalition, organized by the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS), promotes a blueprint which spells out practical ways in which real progress toward energy security can be made over the next several years.
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